Off to Rovinj!

It is always worth making a trip to Rovinj from all parts of the peninsula. The pride of the Rovinježi are their medieval-Venetian old town and in the city's patron saint, Saint Eufemia, who looks out over their city from the bell tower of the church of the same name, can be felt in the streets and alleys of the city. Each of the seven city gates in Rovinj has its story and it is worth exploring the sights with a local guide who will also give you an insight into the culture and way of life in Rovinj.

Rovinj has around 13,000 inhabitants, of which around 12% belong to the Italian minority, real Rovinježi speak both languages ​​and mix them creatively. A sentence often beginns in Croatian, continued in Istrian dialect and ends in Italian.

Discover Rovinj from the Sea

Rovinj's archipelago includes 22 islands. Besides the islands, which are easily accessible by boat and also offer bathing and diving opportunities, scenic destinations around Rovinj are also the Lim Fjord (Ria), the Zlatni rt Nature Park (Golden Cape - the oldest protected park in Istria) and the protected ornithological reserve Palud (wild ducks, coots, grebes, woodpeckers, tawny pipits, snipes and other bird species).

The picturesque cityscape, the numerous beaches near the city, as well as some very good restaurants, two of which have even been awarded Michelin stars, rustic taverns, and, and, and. In summer, a tour to Rovinj is especially fun by sea and also saves the stress of looking for a parking space. We offer numerous different tours to and from Rovinj and will be happy to recommend the right one for you or create a tailor-made tour for up to 200 participants. Check out our excursions to Rovinj from Porec, Novigrad, Pula and more. Below are also some tours which begin in Rovinj.