Holidays in Istria – News, Recommendations & Tips

Holidays in Istria – News, Recommendations & Tips

News, Recommendations and Tips for a Great Holiday in Istria 2023

For 10 years now, has been one of the top addresses for information on the most popular holiday region in Croatia for many German-speaking holidaymakers in Istria. This in the preparation and planning, as well as during the holiday on the peninsula. We hope to earn a similar position with English speaking visitors to Istria and Croatia soon.

Fortunately for us, at least word has gotten around that boat tours and excursions can also be found and booked with us at fairest prices. These experiences create beautiful memories for participants, but also provide a meaningful source of income for many local families.

We are also pleased that we have helped numerous local providers of services, great local products and various events to gain more exposure in international media. Below are a few helpful tips and info to make your stay in Croatia even more enjoyable.

Euro is Official Currency in Croatia

The euro was introduced in Croatia on January 1st. This finally eliminates the annoying conversion of prices on site, the search for the best exchange rate and the uncertainty at the ATM (nevertheless, if possible, only withdraw money from the local banks). Remaining stocks of kuna can be exchanged for euros at post offices and banks in Croatia until the end of the year.

No more Waiting Times Due to Border Controls

During the high season months (July and August), especially at the border crossings with Slovenia, there were often hours of waiting in both directions. Croatia has been part of the Schengen area since January 1, 2023 so this is no longer the case.

Shopping in Istria

Shopping in Istria used to be a big topic as Istria as a car destination has always attracted many self providers. Years ago we wrote several articles about shopping in Istria, so our often updated article Shopping in Istria – Lidl, Kaufland, dm & Co. was read thousands of times. In the meantime, national (Plodine, Konzum, Studenac, Tommy,..) and international (Lidl, Kaufland, dm, Müller) chains can be found in all larger towns. There are also some shopping malls.

Eating and Drinking in Istria

Sun, sea and the picturesque places along the coast (e.g. Rovinj and Fazana) and inland (e.g. Labin, Motovun and Groznjan) have made Istria famous throughout Europe. Gradually, the region became more and more known for its cuisine, good restaurants, rustic taverns, delicious wines and spirits, and really world-class olive oil.

The best restaurants, taverns, winegrowers, olive oil producers and many other pleasure tips appear annually in the Istrien Magazin. The tips listed there according to sub-regions are sufficient for many vacations and are reliable. The magazine can be downloaded, ordered and found in local tourist info. Reading the magazine saves hours of checking various advisor and rating sites. A few quick tips for eating & drinking in Istria. Both, the magazine and the posts are in German language.

Beaches in Istria

There are many “Top 10” posts on the web about beaches in Istria. Our top 10 most beautiful beaches in Istria is one of those. The most important thing to say about the beaches along the coast of the Istrian peninsula is – the water is crystal clear and clean. Cleanliness is analyzed regularly and the results are published in local news.